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Thread: Lightweight Octave Mandolin Cases

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    Default Lightweight Octave Mandolin Cases

    Hello all,

    Does anyone have a recommendation on where I could get a lightweight, custom case for a Weber 2-point octave mandolin? The case that came with it is, quite frankly, overbuilt for the job. Empty, the current case is 15 pounds. With the octave in it, that bumps it up to 20 pounds total. It would be nice to have a semi-soft case with backpack straps like my wife's guitar case (10 pounds total WITH the guitar inside).

    Is there a semi-soft case company that could make something for a 2-point Weber octave, kind of like a Travelite case, but custom fit? I have looked around, but have not found anyone yet.

    Thank you so much for the help!

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    Default Re: Lightweight Octave Mandolin Cases

    I have an older (original Montana) Weber Yellowstone F OM with probably the same case, and yeah, it's overbuilt. Way too heavy to use for sessions or gigs.

    What I've been using on the rare occasions the OM leaves the house is a Reunion Blues gig bag for Classical guitar. It's an older version, maybe from before the company changed hands? The closest one in the current lineup looks like maybe this one, 7.9 lbs:

    The Reunion Blues bags are a little more protective than completely soft gig bags, with a stiff padded liner inside the outer fabric. That makes this style of gig bag heavier than a completely soft one, but I like the slight added protection. It's still nowhere near as safe as a hard case, so I have to be careful how it's packed in the car, and where I set it down at a session or gig with the OM inside.

    Note: Anything designed for a classical guitar will have the needed length, but it's not a great fit for a Weber OM due to the smaller mandolin-shape body. AFAIK, nobody makes a narrower gig bag that would fit a "Gibson mandolin on steroids" design like this.

    What I do is roll up a towel and stuff it in the case on the right-hand side of the OM body, to keep it from moving around in the bag. It also adds a little extra cushioning on the bottom side of the bag when it's set down with the handle up. I should just get some closed or open cell foam and fit out the case better, I've just never got around to it.

    If I played it out more often, I would want a lightweight hard shell case. Unfortunately, the really lightweight Classical cases are not cheap. Something like this, only 4.5 lbs would be nice:

    Edit to add: I've heard of people using banjo cases for OMs. I haven't tried that, so maybe someone else can comment on that idea.

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    Default Re: Lightweight Octave Mandolin Cases

    carried my 20" scale Girouard octave in one of these and it was excellent. foam is thicker than you expect and sturdy. makes a lightweight package but still protective.

    i'll try to dig up some pictures of the octave in it, used to have some. it was a perfect fit.
    the case was designed for 11" banjo pots(they also make 12" which is way too large-fyi.

    Taylor guitars uses Access for their soft cases. high quality of build and function. zipper pocket works effortlessly as does the full case zipper.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    All my CBOMs fit in this Access Stage 3 small guitar bag. It's a little big for the mandola but the octaves and bouzouki do fine in there.

    If you dig around on the Acesss site they have upper and lower bout pads for sale to customize the interior (at least a little).
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    Default Re: Lightweight Octave Mandolin Cases

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The SKB 1SKB-GSM Hardshell Case for Taylor GS Mini fits my Gallatin Octave Mandolin.

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