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Thread: Greek Mandolin Sheet Music

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    Smile Greek Mandolin Sheet Music

    Hello All,

    I'm not a musician but I joined the forum to enquire for my aunt who is Greek, 86 and not computer savvy.

    She has a mandolin that she trained and used to play on many moons ago. She recently asked me if I could find a shop in London that she could buy some Greek sheet music for mandolin to revive her interest in playing. She used to get the music from a shop in from Denmark Street but she believes it has closed down.

    Could anybody please direct me to a shop in London or a website that sells Classical Greek sheet music for the mandolin. Having scoured the internet I couldn't find much of interest to her then I came across this forum and I'm sure other members here would be able to point me in the right direction. Something that I could download for her free of charge in the first instance would be very helpful, till she can see if it's the kind of music she wants and is able to play. I suspect she would need to climb a steep learning curve again till she regains her confidence as she probably hasn't played for 50 or 60 years so something not too complicated at first!

    I particularly noticed that Victor Kioulaphides from this very forum has published such music and from what I have read is very helpful.

    Thank you so much in anticipation.

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    Default Re: Greek Mandolin Sheet Music

    Thank you so much, DavidKOS. I really didn't think the replies would be this speedy. Those links are just what I'm looking for. Thanks again.

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    Default Re: Greek Mandolin Sheet Music

    Many thanks DavidKOS, lots of great songs! Here’s one of my favourites from the links you’ve posted along with the notation, I believe it’s in Cm harmonic, with some sort of key change afterwards, nice exercise:

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    Quite a few years ago there was a site with a lot of Greek tunes. It disappeared but I downloaded all of them and resurrected the site. You can reach it at this address: Greek Tunes.

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    Default Re: Greek Mandolin Sheet Music

    This link goes to my EASTERN EUROPEAN mandolin trio sheet music. These dances and hymns are older than your grandmother.
    It's music her parents might have heard. some of it recalls political strife and others are reminiscent of a bygone time when Greeks, Turks, Roumanian, and pretty much everyone else in the crescent had a foundational sense of unity thru music.

    All of these titles were published well before 1920 and you'll see which titles are in Greek. There is an excel spreadsheet in this folder and I believe it identifies all the sheet music (mainly published by Pietro Tesio between 1910-1921) in Manhattan.
    All public domain. Feel free to download everything.

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    Many thanks for the links guys, here’s a little booklet of Greek tunes and dances WITH TAB.
    I got this before I started to make a note of sources so apologies if this came from one of you to begin with. I believe it was from an abc file from a Greek guy in Italy if that helps...

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    Default Re: Greek Mandolin Sheet Music

    Hasapikos politikos

    Free sheet music at musicaneo


    Free sheet music at musicaneo:

    Homepage: / Blog: / Freiburg / Germany

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