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Thread: tabedit for mandola

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    Default tabedit for mandola

    I have used TabEdit and get tabs for guitar and mandolin.
    How do I configure TabEdit to generate tabs for mandola (tuning: C G D A) ?

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    Default Re: tabedit for mandola

    1. Click "Instrument" on the Score menu.
    2. Click on the "Tuning" tab in the dialog box that comes up.
    3a. Click on the instrument drop down box and select Tenor Banjo
    3b. Change the tuning of each string manually with the up and down arrow buttons
    4. Click "Apply"
    5. If you clicked the Tenor Banjo option, you'll probably want to go to the Module tab and change the MIDI instrument voicing to whatever else you prefer, then click Apply
    6. You may want to go to the Clef tab and select the Alto Clef if you are accustomed to it. Otherwise just leave it in treble clef. Either is good, it just affects the music notation, not the fingerings or tabs.
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