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    Default Frank Tate Article

    Very nice article on Frank Tate, luthier based in Dublin.

    It doesn't mention that Frank made a mandolin for Glen Hansard, or that he recently restored a teens oval Gibson for Andy Irvine.

    He does great work; recently did a big setup job on my Girouard including a neck reshape, and I'm delighted with the work he did. He's also a really nice guy.

    NFI, just thought I'd share the article.


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    thanks for the link Sean, i enjoyed that, i have one of Franks tenor guitars, it actually looks like thats what he working on there with the sound port, Ed Sheeran and Colm Naughton have the same model, so im in good company, he's a fantastic builder, plus Frank delivered it to me in person over a few pints of stout in a Belfast pub, you cant beat that ! all i can say is, the craic was good and it was hard to leave.

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