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Thread: Starting Left-handed or right

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    Default Re: Starting Left-handed or right

    I know one thing, you'll have a better defense with MAS as a lefty.

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    Default Re: Starting Left-handed or right

    Quote Originally Posted by Miltown View Post
    In my opinion, writing and picking are the closest analogues one can find when comparing mandolin-playing to an everyday activity. One uses the thumb, index finger, and wrist in both activities, in a fairly similar manner. In other words, whatever hand you use to write with ought to be your picking hand. Of course, I've thought about this for all of about five minutes--while reading this thread--so take what I say with a grain of salt.
    This makes a lot of sense to me. When starting out, many right handed folks like myself wonder why we don't fret with our dominant hand. It was so hard (still is) to get my left hand to cooperate. But the right hand is where the rhythm is controlled, and that is why we play it with the dominant hand.

    I wonder if the OP will have enough strength and coordination in his left hand to drive the pick if he chooses to go that way?
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    Default Re: Starting Left-handed or right

    This thread inspired me to try and play my mandolin left- handed. I'm a righty.

    My brain hurts, and I'm humbled. I'm never trying that again.

    Any ambidextrous players out there?

    Also, I'd pay money to see great players try to play with the opposite hand. Thile playing left-handed? For a minute he might look mortal.

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