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    Here's something a bit different for Mandolin lovers !

    *Henry's Theatre*

    Henry Purcell (1659-1695) wrote a prodigious amount of music in his short
    37-year life, covering every genre from which he felt able to generate an
    income, ranging from music for the Church and Royal occasions, to bawdy
    songs for public houses (and just about everything in between). His music
    for the theatre in particular was admired by Holst, Vaughan Williams, and

    I have been involved in a UK folk group for about twenty years, and we
    retired recently. Our last project together has been to work on and record
    arrangements of some of the pieces from Purcell's theatrical repertoire. It's
    our hope that these arrangements breathe new life into Purcell's beautiful
    and deceptively simple melodies and interweaving countermelodies, by
    presenting them in a relatively modern context.

    The instrument lineup is Mandolin, Accordion, Guitars, and Bass.

    Listen for free at

    As this music could be regarded as a hybrid between Classical Baroque and
    UK Folk, I have duplicated this post in the other forum.

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