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    Default Web app to practice reading

    So I wrote a little web app that lets you practice reading - either using your phone or playing your instrument with pitch detection. Check it out here:

    It has two main note modes, random and musicxml.

    With random (the default), its oriented around working on different parts of the fretboard. You can select a fretboard region and it'll generate random notes within that region. The randomness can be tweaked to be easy - up or down 1 note in the scale - to really hard, ie any random chromatic note, with lots of huge interval jumps.

    Or you can load it up with a musicxml file and read that. So arbitrary melodies, like bach or scale etudes, etc. I make those files with musescore which is free, but it should work with whatever program can produce text format musicxml. It has no sense of time, ie all notes are whole notes. So if you do load up a musicxml file, the melody will be turned into all whole notes.

    The pitch detection feature lets you read with your actual instrument, but it can be finicky! There's a tab in Settings for tweaking it for your setup. You'll need to use the chrome web browser, firefox for sure doesn't work. Also, pitch detection isn't good on phones, or at least not on mine. If you can plug in with an audio cable, that's the most reliable. If you want to get into this and you find too noisy or random, check out the help tab, there's a link to a video for setting it up.

    Anyway, hope you guys enjoy. Feedback welcome.

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    Quick update - last weekend I got alternate tunings working. For instance, you can make an octave mandolin tuning now. That's assuming you want to read the actual pitches for the octave mandolin, and not just read non-octave mandolin notes an octave down.

    The mandolin uses fiddle tuning, and mandola uses viola tuning, but you can rename those with the custom tuning option if you want.

    Once you get your tuning dialed in, bookmark the link - settings are saved in the URL.

    And, if you like the program and you want to get notified about updates and etc, you may want to subscribe to the subreddit.

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