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Thread: Daniel on an Arrow G5 doing a little Temperance Reel

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    Default Daniel on an Arrow G5 doing a little Temperance Reel

    I've been banging on about this instrument down in the emando section for months, so I thought it sporting to share the video.
    The occasion was a gig at the Blue Boar in Temple Grafton, Warwickshire, on 13 April 2019. My compatriots are the incredible British National Treasure Gerry Colvin on guitar and the young a devlishly handsome Kim Ralls on mandocello (made by David Oddy if you're interested).
    I'm banging away on my (still) newish Arrow G5 5 string by Paul Lestock. It's going through a pedal board into a Marshall MG30CFX, my back-up amp. The Marshall G15R CD is not at all roadworthy and bit the dust moments before the gig. I thinnk I've got the Origin Effect Slide Rig and possibly a touch of the Boss BF-3 flanger running. Hard to tell with the mic on the smartphone.
    Enjoy (and if you don't, well, it's only 30 seconds. )

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    Default Re: Daniel on an Arrow G5 doing a little Temperance Reel

    Sounds great, Daniel!

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