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Thread: Types of Chops

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    Default Types of Chops

    This is probably a newbie question or one that simply comes down to preference.

    I’ve noticed that some mandolin players do more of a boom chuck chop with using 3 or 4 finger chop cords and doing the basic chop and then mute. Then I noticed other players that like to chop using their pinky finger as a mute to chop with and use some two finger chords like the two finger G and then use their pinky as a mute to chop... almost like Sam Bush style. I’m confused as to what is the best way to learn to chop. Any ideas or should I learn both?

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    Default Re: Types of Chops

    learn lots of ways to chop, they are all useful and some are easier than others.

    I prefer the pork chop but I'll go to my corner now
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    Default Re: Types of Chops

    I use the usually press & relax method for most chops.

    The 'ring finger/pinkie' mute method works best when using partial chords (often 1/5 'power chords'), fingered e.g. 220x or 422x which use only the index and middle fingers and leave the ring & pinkie fingers free to mute. Of course, these are moveable up the neck.

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    Default Re: Types of Chops

    I’d say “both” - learn everything you want to; focus on one thing at a time.
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