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Thread: Fender Cybertwin and JJB Marcato

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    Default Fender Cybertwin and JJB Marcato

    Hey everyone,

    Just wanted to share a discovery I made the other day. I was trying many different methods of amplifying my mandolin with varying degrees of success when I decided to try the Acoustic Amplifier Circuit on my Cybertwin plugging the JJB Marcato directly into the amp.

    To mine and my wife's shock it sounded real and quite acoustic. It has a couple of additional adjustments in the menus for the Acoustic Amp, among which are "Body" and "Brilliance".

    Anyway my wife just sat silently listening to me adjust the amp until I finally sked her how it sounded. She said, "beautiful! You want me to record it for you?". She did, and it does sound wonderful. Shockingly really.

    So, if any of you are considering a pickup for your mandolin and price is an issue, try the JJB Marcato. And if you happen to own a Fender Cybertwin, check the combo out. You'll be amazed.


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    I don’t have a pickup on my mandolin yet, but I do have a cyber twin for guitar and Rhodes. Great amp, super versatile, not surprised that you were able to get a great sound out of it.

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