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Thread: Looking for a Tenor recommendation? Try a Blue Ridge BR-40TCE/40T

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    Default Looking for a Tenor recommendation? Try a Blue Ridge BR-40TCE/40T

    I finally got my hands on a brand spankin new Blue Ridge BR-40TCE which is an acoustic/electric version w/ a cutaway of the BR-40T.

    Up till this point in time I had never played a Blue Ridge Tenor. Now that I have, I feel I have been missing out. I play Tenor Guitar professionally and have acquired various models and brands throughout the past few years. None to which I would say compare to the overall quality and sound of my new Blue Ridge.

    I quite often see, and I have actually posted myself, threads that ask for recommendations regarding what Tenor Guitar to look for.

    Look no further!. Find yourself a Blue Ridge, and find it new. In my opinion the best place to shop is Elderly instruments online. Not only because they are a reputable source but because their pricing is relatively cheaper than most if not all other potential sellers. Elderly also has an experienced, and fine group of luthiers and repairmen who work in their repair-shop. When shopping online, it is always a good idea to buy from a source that has the knowledge and know-how of how to correctly set up and ship out your instrument of choice. And these guys do a bang up job.

    Musicians friend, Sweetwater, Reverb, Instrument Alley, and even Amazon will not only ask for a higher price, but I believe they also wont offer any kind of expert or advanced set up options. Which as I said before is a dealbreaker when buying online.

    Needless to say, After having played various Tenor Guitars, of old and new, costly, and cheap, my Blue Ridge is by far the best quality, the best overall tone, volume, and make of anything I've laid my hands on for its price. Now that I've finally owned one, there is no debate. For it's price the Blue Ridge models are a hell of a deal, and exceptional instruments.

    *I am not saying that any Collings or Martin, or even a beautiful NK forster Tenor will not match or exceed the quality of make of a Blue Ridge. However, if you're looking for a Tenor for under $1000.00. I recommend it.
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    Default Re: Looking for a Tenor recommendation? Try a Blue Ridge BR-40TCE

    Sweet! I saw your previous thread and thought you would end up with the Blueridge tenor. Good call.
    Post a video when you get a chance.

    I have 2 Blueridge tenor guitars, a BR-40TCE & a BR40T and they are both great! (One I've modified into an octave mandolin)
    I also have a Bristol BM-16CE 000 cutaway acoustic/electric Guitar, that is made by the same company as Blueridge, and it is awesome as well.
    I bought all 3 (and several other instruments) from Elderly and I've been really pleased with their knowledgeable staff, excellent setups, and friendly service.

    Another great thing about the Blueridge and Bristol guitars made by Saga is that they also have hard cases that are a perfect fit that they sell under the name Golden Gate.

    Enjoy your new tenor!

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    Default Re: Looking for a Tenor recommendation? Try a Blue Ridge BR-40TCE

    That is good news for you, I would love a sound sample once you have got her settled in......

    I am a fan of Blueridge guitars In general, the tenor version is very well made.
    The soundboards are a bit stiff and as Al has proven, capable of using high string tension without falling apart but that applies to most mass produced factory guitars.
    Where I live in this world, Blueridge six strings are very popular and many of the top musicians I know use them.

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    Default Re: Looking for a Tenor recommendation? Try a Blue Ridge BR-40TCE

    Love my Blueridge tenor. I tune mine DGBE. They have gone up in price but still worth it.

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