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Thread: New classical release from Joel Hobbs & Jonathan Rudie - Vesper

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    Default New classical release from Joel Hobbs & Jonathan Rudie - Vesper

    Joel Hobbs & Jonathan Rudie have a brilliant new classical mandolin and guitar album just released entitled Vesper. Hobbs is the Founder and Director of the Austin Mandolin Orchestra. Available from CDBaby.

    Joel Hobbs & Jonathan Rudie - Vesper

    Joel's composition "Dream of the Sun Bear" from the Cafe MP3 page.

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    Default Re: New classical release from Joel Hobbs & Jonathan Rudie - Vesp

    I received my physical copy of this CD a couple of days ago but I've been listening to it from my streaming service since it was available. This is a recording full of beauty and light. I can't recommend it highly enough.

    I admit to a certain bias because I am lucky enough to know both Jonathan and Joel. I've even been fortunate enough to play some music with them at various CMSA conventions, always with pleasure. Their recording reflects their actual personalities, at least the calm, peaceful and generous aspects. They can both be a lot of fun and outgoing too, but that's not what this recording is about.

    I encourage folks to check Vesper out if you are in the mood for some beautiful, quiet and highly soulful playing.

    John G.

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