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    I needed a small mixer with USB connectivity since I gave my Mackie ProFX to my son. I was looking at the PreSonus and Allen & Heath ZED mixers but realized I would likely never make use of all the bells and whistles, plus they were bigger and bulkier, more expensive and had more channels than Id ever use. I just wanted two decent mic pres with phantom power, a stereo aux bus, and one stereo line input channel strip. (I like a mixer format so I can do a little tone sculpting by twisting knobs rather than playing with a mouse.) This thing fit the bill perfectly. And the switchable tube (a *real* 12AX7 vacuum tube) and analog VU meters give it a uniquely old school vibe. The wood side panels are a nice touch. Its very quiet and the tube circuit does warm up the signal nicely without adding significant hiss. The high-Z guitar input is a nice bonus, but note that the tube circuit is voiced for subtle warmth here, no high gain overdrive on tap. My PC had no problem detecting it and I was tracking into Reaper first try without any issues. Good review here. NFI
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