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    Other than Youube, I don't do much marketing - so I thought I'd have a go on Instagram.

    I'll be posting some old pics the first few weeks, but I'll post some new pics rom the current batch soon.

    The instagram account is:

    I've only got 23 followers, so its a bit lonley out there! Send me a poke or whatever it is you're supposed to do on Instagram.



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    Michael Reichenbach
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    Hi Nigel! Thanks for your instagram channel.
    It's always interesting to look at nice instruments, pictures form the shop and the tools and from building steps of an instrument. If you do post regularly you will gain more followers - I am sure.
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    I’ll follow! I watched your YouTube video about plate joining using the rope and wedge method and have used it successfully several times since!

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    I am following you. I don't check Instagram all that much but look fwd to your guitar and mandolin photos.

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    Just followed you. My wife says with the amount of instrument photos I look at, she might be happier if it WAS porn I was looking at!

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