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Thread: "Super" Bouzouki. But who makes it.

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    Default "Super" Bouzouki. But who makes it.

    Hi. First post to the forum. I have been playing Mandolin for some years and thought I would have a get an Octave mandolin or Bouzouki for use in the band I play in. While quizzing my local music store about the options they mentioned they had this second hand. It's a Bozouki made by "Super" . It looks like a larger version of a Crafter mandolin with a plastic back and a pickup with four band EQ. Since it was only 80 and plays ok I decided to buy it. Much cheaper and safer than buying something off the internet untried. I cannot find anything about it on the internet. I suspect it may come from the same factory as makes Crafter. However having just looked on the internet at Ovation mandolins it looks very similar to an Ovation MM88 right down to the wood trim around the soundholes. Does anyone have any information on my mystery Zouk. I would like to know who made it, how old is it and what is it worth. Any help much appreciated.Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: "Super" Bouzouki. But who makes it.

    Ovation had a cheaper mandolins/Guitar labeled under the “Applause” brand. Post a picture of the serial/model number That would help tremendously for someone here to date/identify it for you.

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    Hi Rodney.
    Thanks for the reply. That's the problem, there is neither model or serial number on the instrument. It looks like there was possibly once a sticky label on the rear of the headstock but thats it. No information visible on the inside of the instrument just a headstock logo saying "Super guitars". I have tried searching for Guitars by the same make thinking information on Guitars would be easier to find but still no joy. Having looked at pictures of Ovation Mandolins I was coming round to the idea that this may be some kind of cheaper copy. The spacing between two strings on the same course seems slightly wide at 5mm so I am wondering if this could have originally been a mandocello but now I am getting beyond the bounds of my knowledge. I'll see if anyone can come up with a positive identification in the next few days. If nobody can come up with anything I may drop a line to Ovation to see if they can shed any light on it.

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    Default Re: "Super" Bouzouki. But who makes it.

    A while ago, there were instruments showing up on eBay that were evidently Asian-made clones of Ovation's Adamas line, with the same soundholes with "leaves" around them, etc. I tried a quick eBay search, but didn't find any now. This looks like a clone of an Ovation mandocello, strung like an octave mandolin. Here's a closed Reverb listing of a similar instrument, which was selling then for $139. It was described as "Korean made."

    That would be my guess as to this instrument's origin. "Super" as a brand of instruments is almost un-searchable, but I'd guess if you could find a list of Asian nameplates, you'd find it attributed to an Asian distributor, or at least a distributor of imported Asian instruments.
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    Default Re: "Super" Bouzouki. But who makes it.

    I think you have probably got the answer there Allen. It would have been nice if it had of been a licenced Ovation copy but with a name like "super" and the lack of any information on the brand it was always more likely to be a knock off. It's cheap and it plays well though so no worries. I probably would have ended up getting a Hora anyway. One final question for anyone. The spacing between strings of the same course is 5mm, is that standard for a Bouzouki or is that a bit wide. looking at an old 12 string guitar I have the spacing is nearer 3mm. I presume that the wider spacing on a mandocello would be for thicker, lower pitched strings. It's not giving me too much of a problem though except sometimes when playing tunes when my Pinky doesnt fret both strings. I suspect I will probably take it to a tec to set it up some time in the near future and I presume I could just ask him to cut a new nut and bridge with closer spacing.

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    Default Re: "Super" Bouzouki. But who makes it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bugsy View Post
    ... and what is it worth.
    Probably about 80. Really, for something that size, with a pickup, and it plays well enough that you want to buy it, you're getting a deal.

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    Default Re: "Super" Bouzouki. But who makes it.

    Bouzouki spacing is wider than that of a 12 string guitar, makes it much easier to play melodies. If I think of it I'll measure mine when I'm home later.

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    Default Re: "Super" Bouzouki. But who makes it.

    I measured mine and it has 6mm between courses.

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    Default Re: "Super" Bouzouki. But who makes it.

    I was talking about the distance between the two strings in a pair being 5mm, I have 12mm between string pairs , rather like. G 5mm G 12mm D 5mm D 12mm A 5mm A 12mm E 5mm E. Does this spacing possibly mean the instrument could have been originally a Mandocello,

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    Default Re: "Super" Bouzouki. But who makes it.

    Oh hmm I'll have to remeasure. I wonder if it was a 6 string guitar converted to bouzouki. How wide is the nut?

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    Default Re: "Super" Bouzouki. But who makes it.

    Ah, sorry about asking if this could be a Mandocello on the last post, Just re-read the thread and took in some other stuff on the net, Ovation only produced Mandolins and Mandocellos and It's too big for a mandolin, so............ I would still be interested to know what the string spacings are on both a bouzouki and a Mandocello if someone could oblige.

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    Default Re: "Super" Bouzouki. But who makes it.

    Nut width is 43mm.

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