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Thread: Songs for Muska

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    Default Songs for Muska

    Hey there all, I wanted to report on an amazing new piece called Songs For Muska by Jocelyn Hagen scored for choir, violin, cello, harp, 2 percussion, and mandolin!

    The work is 25 movements and includes mandolin on 7 movements.

    Jocelyn masterfully unites music and poetry written by young Afghan women in the settings of landays (2-line Pashto folk poems) translated by Eliza Griswold in I Am the Beggar of the World and Farzana Marie’s translations of poems by young Afghan women collected in Load Poems Like Guns.

    I was honored and humbled to play the mandolin part for the world premiere last night with Conspirare in Austin Texas. It's an exquisite work that surely will have many more performances in the future. If you get a chance to hear it, I recommend you check it out:

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    Will there be a recorded version available? I couldn't find one here. I'm interested because I'm a retired choral director and hoping to do a little choral thing at an open mic at CMSA. I want to pursue the idea of choral works with strings using mandolins, so I'm always looking for this connection. Thanks for posting this, Joel, hope I get to hear it soon.

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