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    Many thanks to Robert G. Meldrum for writing and sending the "How to Set Up a Mandolin" document. Everyone new to the Mandolin Cafe should get a copy of this well written setup procedure.

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    I got my copy and yes a big thumbs up to Robert for making this available. Very helpful to a beginner like me.

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    Very helpful as a refresher course too. I like to set a mandolin up by feel, then refer to the guide to see where I went wrong.
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    Even if you do not care to do the actual setup work yourself, Rob's book is good reading. It pays to know as much as possible about all the things that can be done to make your mandolin fun to play.

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    Just send an email to with "mandolin setup" in the subject line and he will email you a copy of his ebook for free (free to all mandolincafe members).

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