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Thread: Article: New Sounds by the Young Man from Yonder Mountain

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    Default Re: Article: New Sounds by the Young Man from Yonder Mountain

    Nicely written overview and and good interview. Thanks.

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    Brief story about Jacob.

    Early 2005 I'm promoting a weekend concert, mandolin workshops, mandolin tasting recordings, general mandolin hang, etc. in Lawrence, KS we called Mandofest that ran for 13 years. Get an email from the "MandoMedic" Ken Cartwright in Washington state, tells me, "hey, there are two kids up here that are really good and they should be on the concert." I told him, Ken, there's no way with this tiny budget I can afford travel expenses, etc. He says, "if we show up can you put us on the bill?" Ken plays bass for them and they were young enough they needed a chaperone. Sure, I say. They show up and yes, they are quite fine, indeed. The two: Jacob Jolliff and Alex Hargreaves, both eventually awarded full scholarships to Berklee College of Music, graduate, and are now two of the hottest up and coming musicians in acoustic music and still performing together.

    Fast forward to October 2018: I've been watching Jacob's career for awhile and wanting to interview him, sort of kicking myself for not doing so. I'm in Brooklyn on the R train early afternoon headed for a world class slice of pizza--I engage in food tourism in Queens mostly, 2-3 times a year. Train stops in south Brooklyn, guy gets on and I see a Calton Case and the trademark man bun. Holy crap, it's Jacob! I go over and introduce myself and we chat for 6-7 stops and make plans for this article before we arrive at my exit.

    Chances of my running into a mandolin player on a subway in NYC area? Rare, but not the first time for me.

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    I’ve seen Jake play with Yonder Mountain String Band many times now - and somehow he keeps getting better. His style has progressed in to a machine gun arpeggio of mandolin bliss. I would say YMSB isn’t for traditionalists, but they have always had a strong emphasis in jamming that is a great match for Jake’s talent.

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    Awesome interview, and "Lost" was great!

    Awesome NYC subway story to boot.

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