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Thread: Ashbory Bass Mandolin Mindwarp

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    Thumbs down Ashbory Bass Mandolin Mindwarp

    I once tried to tune one of these to mandolin tuning.
    Would have been a great tool for recording, but didn't work.
    The strings didn't allow for tuning to 5ths.
    The only possibility was to play EADG strung backwards to GDAE.
    It was a real mind warp to play it without jumping into
    different octaves. Going to a higher string meant playing a
    lower note ie. "everything you know is wrong."
    Should have kept it. Playing intervals on the bass would have made
    for a unique style transferred back to mandolin. Might have sounded
    like a crazy person playing too...

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    Default Re: Ashbory Bass Mandolin Mindwarp

    I still have one. And of course the Kala Uke Bass operates on the same principle. Didn't Joel Eckhaus make something similar once upon a time? More than you wanted to know about electric mandolins.

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