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    Hey All -

    Iím headed to Memphis in a couple months (May) and would really love to know what the scene is like down there. Iíll have my mando with me.... Anyone know of any jams? Thank you!!
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    Not sure it still is in existence but I used to frequent the Lucy Opry in the 90 s and saw a lot of really great music there
    It doesn't matter . . . I'm going to WINFIELD!!!!!

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    The Memphis Area Bluegrass Association has a Jam session on at 12:00 PM on Saturdays at Hope Church, 8500 Walnut Grove Rd., Memphis, TN 38018.

    There is a Jam at the Old Country Store in Jackson, TN on Thursday nights. There is a Jam in Collierville, TN on Friday nights at 6:00 PM. In May, it should be happening on the square.

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    I'm afraid my info is 20+ years old and may be outdated, so FWIW. There is a huge 3-Day Memphis in May festival outdoors down on the river -- no bluegrass, but some related modern/hippy/grateful dead acoustic type bands often are booked -- big festival with 3 stages.

    Lucy Opry was great. Family fun held in a small VFW type hall. All the traditional bands came through there. Probably closed, I'm guessing.

    Yarbrough's Music Store held a Tuesday night bluegrass jam for years. The store is still in business, not sure if the jam is.

    Devil Train is a grateful dead type band who did a weekly show for years on Monday night at the Buccaneer, the Bucc burned down, but the band is still playing.

    Basically, Bluegrass has a pretty small following in Memphis, taking a back seat to Blues, Rockabilly, Rock, Soul and all that history -- but there is a small following among players.

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    May 10 a good progressive bluegrass band, The Riverbluff Clan, will be at Bartlett Performing Arts Center. Free show out by the lake. Jamming possible, but not guaranteed.
    The Lucy Opry is long gone.
    Best bet for jamming is probably on the square in Collierville any Friday night.

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