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Thread: Promoting Mandolin Music and Players!

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    Hi all, thanks for having me in your forum. I am a playlist curator on Spotify and a musician. I am putting together a mandolin playlist on Spotify called Mondo Mandolin. I have songs that are either all mandolin, or use mandolin in them on the list. I also already have 30 followers! I'm here because I would like to invite you to listen to and follow the playlist using this link on Spotify

    Spotify is free and a good promotional tool. I would also like to invite you to add your music to the list (if it's on Spotify) and any other ideas for bands/players in any genre that you feel should be on the list. All you have to do is email me at with links or just your suggestion and I will look it up and add it. There is no charge for placement on this playlist, just in the name of supporting bands with mandolin parts or mandolin players. Thanks very much for your time!!

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    I checked out your playlist and it looks good. Another direction to go and include is the classical world; you do have the Marshall-Lichtenberg Bach duets, but you should also include Chris Thiele's Bach Sonatas and Partitas and--my personal favorite--MMQ, the Modern Mandolin Quartet. Their Americana album is on spotify, it includes the Dworak String Quartet and a rousing "HoeDown" from Copland's "Rodeo." I am a member of Classical Mandolin Society of America, and although I play and love the bluegrass and old time, we are trying to make people aware of the great history and broad spectrum of mandolin music. Happy to offer more if you're interested.

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    Default Re: Promoting Mandolin Music and Players!

    Hi Chris,
    I have added your playlist to my library.


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