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Thread: 100,000+ views for the video

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    Default 100,000+ views for the video

    YouTube sent me a message the other day saying one of my videos has had over 100,000 views. Its the video of Tom Kimber playing the first Session King tenor guitar.

    I know by YouTube standards, 100,000 isn't so many, but for my little business, its pretty good.

    The video was made almost 4 years ago, and in that time I've made a lot of Session King Tenor guitars. They've been a good chunk of my uutput since then.

    The design has evolved a bit since the video - that first one had a "relic" finish, but most are made with a satin finish these days, occasionally they are high gloss. I've changed how I laminate tha sides so they're not quite as heavy, but just as loud.

    I've made so many variations too - scale lengths from 21" to 24.75". Soundboards - cedrela , cedar tops, Adi, Euro and torrefied sitka. Backs and sides - mahogany, maple, wenge, Indian rosewood. Necks - American maple, mahogany, Australian red cedar, Pacific maple.

    Every now and again I get someone asking me to make a 5 string, but so far nothing has come to fruition, but you never know.

    And about 6 months ago Tom told me he'd made an instruction video about how to play the tune, but as yet he still hasn't sent me a link. Send him an email to give him a nudge.

    Anyway, with reaching that little YouTube landmark, I thought I'd make a post. Enjoy the video, and all the others too.



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    Default Re: 100,000+ views for the video

    Awesome. Congratulations.
    I think that guitar is one of the best sounding instruments ever.
    Just a gorgeous rich tone.
    Plus it is damn cool looking too.
    Someday I will have to get one for myself.
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    Default Re: 100,000+ views for the video

    I was one of those viewers a while ago...that is indeed a great sounding tenor.
    I didn’t know you were a cafe member, too cool.
    I hope to own one some day.
    I’m 4yrs away from a major birthday, maybe I can aim for that.
    Congratulations on gaining notoriety.
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    Default Re: 100,000+ views for the video

    Awesome. It's now 100,001 views.
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