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Thread: John McGann's "Sound Fundamentals"

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    I'm on my fourth week of playing mandolin. Since I'm learning without an instructor I've been very concerned about building a proper foundation. I'm spending most of my time on scales and chop chords. A friend who has been playing for four decades checked me out and verified that my technique seemed correct.

    Wanting to go further I read about John McGann's "Sound Fundamentals" DVD, looking to buy one. Searching on Google I discovered that it was available in Mandolin Cafe's "Lessons on Demand" for half of the lowest price I could find a used DVD for. Plus, no tax, no shipping and no wait to receive it.

    It was a very wise purchase. I learned some new things and generally felt much better grounded, understanding the instrument and the "why" of various techniques. For someone trying to self-teach as I am, I would highly recommend it and believe others with more experience and even those taking lessons may likely also benefit from his instruction.

    I also bought John's "Rhythm Mandolin" lesson and it was also very good, especially as I am currently spending much time learning this subject.

    The associated paperwork was very easy to find and print out.

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    John McGann also has some celtic mandolin recordings if you're interested in listening to those!

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    John was a well liked and respected member of the Cafe. It's nice to see that his legacy is ongoing.
    "Bargain instruments are no bargains if you can't play them". These are the words of J. Garber.

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    That is a great video lesson. If you get on Homespun’s email list, you’ll receive daily offers for vastly discounted videos—often 50% or even 65% off. If you go for the instant download option, they’re even cheaper—and no wait, no shipping, no tax.

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