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    Smile Kickstarter for Duo Album - mandolin content

    Hi fellow mandolin fans,

    I haven't posted on the forum in quite some time, but I wanted to share a passion project from my wife and me. We are a folk duo under the name The Boston Imposters. For the past few years we have been writing and compiling original songs (along with a few favorites from other folks). We sing and I play mandolin, octave mandolin, bouzouki, guitar, and clawhammer banjo (not all at the same time )

    We lauched a Kickstarter campaign this week to fund our debut album. It would mean the world to me if you could check it out and share with other folks who might like our music.

    You can check it out here:

    In addition, we are filming live Facebook and Instagram videos every night during the campaign. You can find us as the Boston Imposters on both platforms. Below is an example of us performing! Cheers!

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    Hi everyone in mandolin world,

    I just wanted to say thanks to those of you that have checked out our Kickstarter. We are 33% of the way to our goal with 42 days left until our campaign concludes.

    We continue to do live concerts every night from our living room to promote the album. If you would like to tune in, we start around 9pm ET at this link:

    Thanks so much and keep on pickin'


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