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Thread: Question for Eastman Owners

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    Default Question for Eastman Owners

    What picks are you guys using?

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    Default Re: Question for Eastman Owners

    I have owned several Eastmans, though I don't have one now.For the last few years I have used exclusively the Dunlop Primetone Triangle 1.5 Grip Plectrum on Eastmans and other mando instruments.
    Is it the best to use? Who can say. I have tried many brands and models starting with the .75 Fenders all the way to the $35.00 picks. These Dunlops seem are what I favor. It is good that there are so many different ones to try as preferences by players are all over the board.
    Have fun experimenting. I did.
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    Default Re: Question for Eastman Owners

    I (for now) use the same picks on all my mandolins of the same type, Blue Chip TD 50s on f hole ones, and Blue Chip TD 40s on oval hole ones. I don't have any flat top or bowlback mandolins.
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    Default Re: Question for Eastman Owners

    My question is why does it matter if you play an Eastman?
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    Default Re: Question for Eastman Owners

    Blue chip tpr 50.
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    Default Re: Question for Eastman Owners

    Favoring a darker classical sound, I use a non-bevelled BC TP-60.

    I don't just play Eastman mandolins with that pick... :-)
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    Default Re: Question for Eastman Owners

    Primetone 1.4 big triangle for live volume and clarity; Wegen 1.4 for recording (less pick noise).

    Of course, I have dozens of others, and as long as they’re in the general thickness range, they pretty much sound within 10% of each other. This is all based on medium J74-type strings.

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    Default Re: Question for Eastman Owners

    I made a video using my Eastman playing it with a Wegen triangle 1.40 pick. It sounded great on the video.

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    Default Re: Question for Eastman Owners

    My son got a new 305 in August last year. We tried several picks with it, including my trusty Blue Chip TP60, Primetone 1.5 large triangle and various others, and the Wegen TF140 was best. Have to say that the Wegen isn’t as good as the BC on my Northfield, but it was stunning on the 305.

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    Default Re: Question for Eastman Owners

    Quote Originally Posted by mandoglobal View Post
    My question is why does it matter if you play an Eastman?
    When I owned one I was always looking for a pick to make my G string sound richer. Alas,money solved that one. In hindsight I wish I'd have played it for a year because I've come to realize how things can change over time.
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    Default Re: Question for Eastman Owners

    I have a lot of different picks including my last favorite, the Blue Chip CT1.5. My current favorite is the Dunlop Prime Tone small triangle non grip. I love them and the price lets me keep spares around.
    Doug Brock
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    Default Re: Question for Eastman Owners

    Sign up for the Pick Sampler and youíll be able to try just about everything thatís out there.
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    Default Re: Question for Eastman Owners

    My top 3 (in no particular order): Blue Chip CT55, Red Bear (triangular and traditional with holes), and D'Andrea ProPlec.
    Eastman 605 and Kentucky 300e mandolins.

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    Default Re: Question for Eastman Owners

    I've got a couple Eastmans I take to bar gigs and festivals, a 614 and an 814. Both of 'em as well as a number of Eastmans I've worked on for friends have all been really fussy about strings. Guage, brand, and age all make a huge difference to the Eastmans I've had in my paws.
    As far as picks, I think that's more personal preference than anything else. Mine is a nice thick 1.5mm, rounded tip pick. Dawgs or the D'Andrea proplec (literally the exact same pick with different printing). I'll stick a little speed bevel on 'em with some 600 grit wet/dry paper and polish it up with some 1600.

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    Default Re: Question for Eastman Owners

    Primetones or blue chip do best on mine

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    Default Re: Question for Eastman Owners

    BC small jazz pick
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