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    I am a beginner. I broke an E string last night tuning my Eastman MD350. I am not sure what brand/gauge of strings are on this instrument. What should I consider as a replacement set? I am out of commission until I can purchase a replacement set. Suggestions please? Also, can I replace just the broken string or do I need to replace both E strings or the entire set of strings?


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    Go ahead and replace the whole set. D’Addario EJ74s are the standard for many, and something like that probably came on your mandolin. I like strings a tad lighter and usually use medium-lights by GHS. Back when I had my Eastman my favorite strings on it were DR brand 11s. Try a bunch and find a favorite.

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    I put a set of D'Addario NBM1140 Nickel Bronze Mandolin Strings 11-40 on my Eastman MD305, they really made a difference. I'm still on a journey with my Collings though.

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    D’Addario EJ74s are the standard from the factory on Eastman mandolins and guitars.

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