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Thread: Practicing while using a strap

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    Default Re: Practicing while using a strap

    When I played mandolin in a performing band I used a strap. I haven't done that in years. Most of my performing music is played on fiddle and I never use a strap on that.

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    Default Re: Practicing while using a strap

    I really don't know how Carlo Aonzo does it without a strap. He does seem to adjust it occasionally but plays all the way up the neck.

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    Default Re: Practicing while using a strap

    Jethro played with and without a strap. Maybe something in the wind.
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    Default Re: Practicing while using a strap

    Another benefit of the 'Tone Gard' I can hold it up with out a strap and not sweat on the Varnish ..
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    Default Re: Practicing while using a strap

    What's the big deal? Either you do it or you don't. Am I oversimplifying it?
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    Most of my practice is done sitting in a chair, and I don't use a strap for that. Most of my jam session and public performance playing is done standing up. I need a strap for that. For me, playing standing up is a completely different animal from sitting down. A strap adjusted for standing puts the mandolin in the wrong place when I'm sitting. I have to practice standing while playing in order to perform while standing. I often think of Jethro's advice to practice while walking around the house.
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