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Thread: Double-Stops Lessons

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    Default Double-Stops Lessons

    I know there are lots of video lessons for double-stops out there (and I've done a few myself), but who, in your opinion, offers the best/clearest/most useful ones? In other words, which lessons most helped double-stops "click" for you?
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    Sharon Gilchrist taught her system at Targhee several years ago and for me it was hands down the best explanation that completely clicked with me. I can do DS anywhere any key no problem. Check her course out on PegHead Nation - I'm sure its the same thing. They give a free month so see if it works for you. Pete Martin has a book on DS and do a Cafe search for "pickloser" - she wrote a guide for DS you can find here on the site.

    Here's the link for pickloser's guide
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    I found a link for Pete's book too...first post.
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    Default Re: Double-Stops Lessons

    Pickloser's guide was a big help for me:

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    Default Re: Double-Stops Lessons

    I believe I've improved more under Sharon Gilchrist's teaching on Peghead Nation more than any other online lessons. She doesn't get into double-stops until her intermediate lessons. You don't have to work through every lesson in order but, if you do, you'll have a lot under your belt by the time you get to them.
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    I watched a video recently that said practicing arpeggios would give you a roadmap to double stops. It's true.
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    Default Re: Double-Stops Lessons

    Thank you to you all for this amazing information.
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