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Thread: New Hamilton de Holanda CD - Jacob Bossa

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    Thumbs up New Hamilton de Holanda CD - Jacob Bossa

    Wonderful new CD by Hamilton. Features a lot of Jacob reinterpreted by Hamilton using Jacob's last bandolim. The first time it has been played since Jacobs death. If you like choro you likely will love this cd. Much different, no percussive drive of the pandeiro , delicate and sensitive reinterpretations.


    01. Gostosinho
    02. Chorinho Na Praia
    03. Migalhas de Amor
    04. Vibrações
    05. Receita de Samba
    06. Falta-Me Você
    07. Evocação de Jacob
    08. Tatibitate
    09. Diabinho Maluco
    10. Caricia
    11. Jamais
    12. Assanhado

    First album produced by Hamilton de Holanda in homage to the centenary of Jacob do Bandolim. The albums name refers to the ten-string mandolin used by Hamilton and the jazzy character of the work. The recording was made by Hamilton of Holanda Trio, formed by Guto Wirtti (acoustic bass) and Thiago da Serrinha (piano/accordian). The recordings were made at the Tambor studio (Rio de Janeiro) and Hamilton used the rare ten-string mandolin that belonged to Jacob. The instrument, a gift given by the Jacob do Mandolim Institute and Casa do Choro, is being used for the first time in a recording.

    Available on iTunes and Amazon Music, among other outlets.

    . Here's one of the tracks from Youtube.
    Al in PT

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