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    Greetings all BiaB users! In the last 10+ years that I have been using Band-in-a-Box to create backing tracks for various nursing-home and church gigs, as well as for my own home amusement (at my low pickin' level it more like amazement!), I've managed to put together over a thousand BiaB backing tracks, without melody lines, in both midi and Realtracks. I found some of these doing Internet searches through the years, but have edited all to be sure than no melody lines exist. With no intention of copyright infringement or financial reward, and only because I'd like to share what I've learned and created with others, I am trying to put together a fairly comprehensive library of BiaB backing tracks to make available free to all here on the Café. If you have any arrangements that you would like to contribute to this effort, you can send them via email attachments to the email address below, and I would be glad to give honorable mention to your original arrangements in the song notes. A special thanks to Scott T. who assisted me in a challenging mandolin situation a few months back, and to all those great players who share their knowledge here on the forum.

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    Sounds great. I'll be looking for it! Thanks for the effort.
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    I'm all for it! I use Band in a Box a lot as a practice aid. Many thanks!
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    I Love BiaB and have used it for practice for at least 15 years.
    Then in the winter of 2017 I booked a whole season of outdoor patio gigs with no-one to play with me. I spent the winter tweaking the various BiaB back up songs and did the whole season alone with my "Magic iPad Band"!! It is a great resource.

    I'll get back to you with some tunes I've done.

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    Just sent you one, in mp3 format. (Did you want them in the native BiaB format or are other formats OK)?

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    Thanks for the encouragement! I am separating alphabetically, but with over 7000 BiaB files to review it is taking awhile. If you are looking for a specific song just email me direct at the address below and I'll see if I have it. Just fun things to do for an old picker crowdin' 70!
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    Wow... that's a great sounding track! If you could, send the files in the native BiaB format and I'll add them to the collection. Cheers!

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