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Thread: Mandolin - Brothers Osborn - Tequila Again

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    Default Mandolin - Brothers Osborn - Tequila Again

    Sorry, it's not Bluegrass, but this song has a real nice mandolin lead. I was wondering if anyone has tackled it yet. I'd actually love a tab to play it! It's really good!

    Here's live link on YouTube:
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    Default Re: Mandolin - Brothers Osborn - Tequila Again

    Not Bluegrass? No apologies needed. You might as well say it’s not jazz, it’s not klezmer, it’s not classical. Who cares. It’s nice mandolin!

    Funny, i have a song i wrote a long time ago that i was singing last night called Tequila No More. And it’s also in waltz time.

    And it’s also not bluegrass!

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