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Thread: The end of my playing days.

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    Default Re: The end of my playing days.

    I must have missed Ivan's passing while I was away for a while (just taking a musical break- running focused).

    I so sorry to hear the news. RIP friend.

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    Default Re: The end of my playing days.

    10 years ago I survived colon cancer and in the last 6 months have survived throat cancer. Don't ever give up and keep playing. You are in my prayers and believe me, they will be answered. Peace to you.
    She was only a whiskey maker, but he loved her still.

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    Default Re: The end of my playing days.

    RIP Ivan.

    I only just noticed this thread.

    I didn't know Ivan but read his posts avidly as he always had a lot of relevant information and opinion to impart.

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