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Thread: Blind Pilot on the Mandolin

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    Question Blind Pilot on the Mandolin

    Hello, I have been looking everywhere to find the chords for The Colored Night or any other Blind Pilot song, but have come up empty handed each time. They have many of the songs in ukulele or guitar chords, is there anyway of 'translating' the chords to ones that work for a mandolin? Or does anyone know any Blind Pilot songs that have Mandolin tabs?

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    Hello Heli, I see this is your first post here and that as of yet, no one has answered your question. Not much help from me, but I'll give you my thoughts on the matter.

    You say you found the chords (for the songs you're asking about) for ukulele and guitar. Generally speaking, a chord is a chord. If a 'G' chord fits for a guitar, it will work on a mandolin.

    Don't know much about 'Blind Pilot' either except that if I get one, I'm changing planes.

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    Yes, a chord is a chord but I just looked up the chords you are probably seeing on this and it's in "C" capo'd @ 7.
    You're going to hurt yourself doing that on a mandolin. I would play it in "B" w/o a capo:

    I was in between
    I was an offering
    B F#
    I was a burnin' branch.
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    Forgive me for forgetting the details, but this really was reported in Flying magazine, maybe 15 years ago:

    A midwest airport was fined by some gov't agency for failure to include Braille markings on the keypad of the entry gate to the private pilots' parking lot. It would be cruel to frustrate those blind pilots driving to their airplanes!
    - Ed

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