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    I posted this at fiddle hangout, but thought some of you would be interested (I donít have a pickup on my Pava, my experience with this is with my fiddle but imagine it would work just as well with mandolin).

    I just got the G10 and used it for the time at a gig over the weekend. Itís a dream come true. Worked great, no static or dropouts. I was able to walk around the bar and play in the crowd which was fun.

    Thereís no belt pack/transmitter, no cord comes out of your instrument. The transmitter is about the size of a zippo lighter with a 1/4Ē plug, and just plugs directly into your pickup. Battery life is listed as 8 hours. The only concern for me is that the transmitter base doesnít seem particularly durable, so need to treat it with care.

    So thumbs up for the G10. If any issues come up, Iíll update, but for now I love it.

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