Before Tacoma was bought by Fender they took some of their popular guitars and had them assembled in Korea under the Olympia name using premium wood shipped from the US. I wanted a Tacoma parlor, but they are impossible to find under $1000. Mo, who runs the Tacoma Guitar Forum has owned many Tacoma parlors and picked up the Olympia solid wood parlor to compare it. He found it was identical in form and weight, thought he could detect a hair of a difference in tone due to the heavier poly finish on the Olympia. He passed the guitar on to me and it is fabulous. Mine is serial #1 and the prospective line vanished right after the introduction at winter NAMM (2013?).

Strangely, the two carved solid wood Loar mandolin models that received the same treatment continued in production, even under Fender which rebranded them as "Orpheum." Fender Orpheum sales literature shows the F style with a list price of $1284. I just bought one (Olympia), pictured below. The real mystery is that the Tacoma F Loar style mandolin shows up in the Tacoma pre-Fender price list with a list price of $2999 but I cannot find a single photo or account from anyone who ever owned one.

Has anyone ever seen a carved Loar style Tacoma mandolin?

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