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    Hi All
    I bought my first mandolin a month ago.
    I've played guitar and uke previously so have some playing experience but would like to get together with mandolin players in the East of England.
    I'm aiming for jigs/bluegrass/country blues initially.
    Is there anyone out there ?

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    Default Re: UK East Anglia players

    Well Done Steve!

    I lived in Cambridgeshire until last August, played a lot in Essex, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, and Norfolk. I'll be back at Cambridge Folk Club in April.

    In the meantime, look up
    - Bryan Causton. He plays mandolin in a couple of different groups, Causton & Walker, Boxwood Chessmen, etc.
    - Hugh Boyde. He teaches and plays the occasional gig.
    - Moonlight Mondolins, a mandolin orchestra run by Anna Langley. They rehearse in Histon.
    - George Breakfast has been known to play mandolin on a tune or two at his gigs. will have a fairly up to date list of sessions.

    Hope this helps!

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    Hi Steve,
    I'm Norwich based and teach mandolin, and also arrange the occasional session; I could potentially put you in touch with other mandolin players in the area. If you want to get in touch drop me an email via my site at:


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    Default Re: UK East Anglia players

    Hi Daniel
    Thanks a bunch for your info and apologies I have not seen your Jan response until today !
    Think I contacted you specifically since then via your website but given the detail here please ignore.
    Maybe see you in April or possibly at Ely in July .
    Cheers Steve

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    Default Re: UK East Anglia players

    Thanks Nic
    I will check out your site.

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