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    I am building a Saga kit and working on the neck fitment. I am very close to having the fret board extension actually rest on the top plate. However, it seems like I can't get it dead on; there's just a smidge of space that doesn't want to go away no matter what I do. Is that a fatal error? Should I persist and hope something will work? It's a really tiny gap.

    And now the dumb question. Nowhere do I see any reference to gluing the fretboard extension to the top. I assume that is not done and that it's just the neck joint itself that is glued.

    Thanks for any advice you can give me.

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    Post a couple pics

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    Siminoffs' first book suggests a small screw angled into the head block.. As the screw is tightened, it draws the extension into the crossover and top.. I have in past also glued with TiteBond, but watch for movement....

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    Did a lot more work on the neck joint. I finally got it where the fretboard extension is flush with the top and got it glued up. I had some shimming that had to be done because the joint when I got it was on the loose side overall. Anyway, it's clamped up now. Thanks for the advice to those who responded. Now onward and upward with fingers crossed that in the end this sounds like a mandolin.

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