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    I'm trying to repair my very old Tatra bowlback and need two machine heads . Not having much luck. Linda

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    One suggestion I've made, with some success, is to visit your local instrument repair shop -- usually part of a music dealer's operation, but sometimes an independent luthier/repair person -- and see if that person has a "junk drawer" where he/she saves parts taken off instruments. When tuners are replaced, the usable old ones are sometimes saved, and when an instrument is junked, usable parts are often taken off and kept for possible future use.

    I've had luck, for example, replacing a bowl-back's bridge with one that my repair shop took off a trashed instrument. Another time, a repair tech found an unusual screw needed to adjust a mechanical friction peg. Bridges, tuners, banjo hardware, and accessories such as capos left in cases, can be found at reasonable prices.

    Doesn't always work but it don't hurt to ask...
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    Thank you

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    I am not sure if this is an old mandolin—I don't know this brand or maker. If it is more modern, say Asian made, it is possible to find a modern replacement set of tuners which woudl be a lot easier than finding a vintage set. Perhaps post some photos of the mandolin here including closeups of both front and back of the headstock. Also, if it is a set of tuners that are not inlaid (routed out) of the headstock that is important to know.

    In addition, it is also sometimes possible to replace just the buttons on the tuners if that is all that is missing.

    In any case post some photos.


    Ah, I see. It might be one of these made in Czech Republic. Actually if it is similar and has these slot headstocks, that might present yet another problem.

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