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    This is Beethoven's Sonatine in C Major, but transposed up the neck I omitted the music notation since the purpose was to show the fingering in the tabulature. The purpose for doing this was twofold: First, I wanted to use the 1st FFcP fingering as much as possible, which gives the pinky a good workout. Secondly, I wanted to become more fluent with the TablEdit program and to be able to show the suggested fingering throughout the piece. Here are some notes which may be helpful to those who may want to try playing the tune this way:

    Start with the 1st finger on C note played at the 5th fret on the 4th string. Then follow the fingering shown. Most of the piece can be played in this position, using all 4 fingers.

    In the second measure, keep the 1st finger on the 5th fret, play the F note on the 8th fret, second string with the 3rd finger, then without lifting the 3rd finger, add the C (8th fret) on the first string with the pinky. Then just lift the pinky to play the 5th fret which is still held down. The purpose is to let the 5th intervals (the second and third notes, both on the 8th fret) ring. Sounds much better than moving a finger from the same fret to the same fret on another string. Hope I have explained this clearly.

    The same for the last four notes in the 3rd measure. Keep the second finger down on the 7th fret and play the 10th fret with the 3rd and 4th fingers as shown. It is a bit of a stretch, but can be done easily with some practice.

    I realize this piece can be played more easily with different fingerings. Remember, the purpose of this arrangement is to give the pinky a good workout.

    1969 Gibson F5
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