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Thread: Far East Man on eBay

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    Default Far East Man on eBay

    Does anyone know the story on the eBay seller "" in Japan w/ all the beautiful, but extremely overpriced instruments?

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    Default Re: Far East Man on eBay

    I have been wondering about that too.
    He has lots of really nice mandolins but I agree that they are way over priced.

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    Default Re: Far East Man on eBay

    I think the high prices are due to short supply of high quality American mandolins in Japan. Also, everything in Japan is expensive, except for food and some other items that are government subsidised.

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    Default Re: Far East Man on eBay

    I'm pretty sure Far East man is Woodman Instruments in Tokyo. That is probably the premier vintage shop in Japan which means it probably is the Premier vintage shop in the world. I won't even begin to discuss the guitars and banjos and mandolin there for sale and not for sale.

    They're great guys they know their stuff. Those are Japanese prices which gives you an idea how expensive instruments are in that country.

    I live there 20 years and at one point was the used instrument buyer for another concern name shimokura gakki. If you ever have a chance to go to the Ocha no Mizu area of Tokyo you will absolutely freak from all the instruments there. They're probably more vintage and wonderful guitars and banjos, mandolin Etc in 20 square blocks than in the entire United States. I'm not kidding it's that good.

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    Yeah, i dont think theres any shortage of great us instruments in japan at all.
    Pricey, yup. Scarce, not so much.

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