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Thread: Larson-attributed Dyer "harp mandola" at Bernunzio's

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    Default Larson-attributed Dyer "harp mandola" at Bernunzio's

    For those who don't regularly peruse John B's list, here's a link to a Dyer "harp" mandola, attributed to the Larson brothers, currently in his shop. He's asking $5K, and one of his staff estimated it might need another $1K of restoration.

    Dyer Symphony harp-mandola.

    I've examined it, and while there are cracks and missing binding, I would hazard a guess that it could be made playable for less than the estimate, which I think is for a full restoration.

    I was in the store to work out a deal for the Stahl Larson-attributed mandola I purchased, and the thought fleetingly crossed my mind, "Wonder what kinda deal I could get on the Dyer?"

    Common sense prevailed, and I left with the Stahl. But the harp-mandola is a truly rare bird, and will be a star in someone's collection, IMHO.
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    Default Re: Larson-attributed Dyer "harp mandola" at Bernunzio's

    wow, what a rare beauty.. too much for me but yeah a star in someones collection

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    Default Re: Larson-attributed Dyer "harp mandola" at Bernunzio's

    Wow, what a find.

    I agree that it could be stabilised and playable for considerably less than 1K, but those top cracks are pretty big and will very likely need more than simply gluing.

    I do hope someone fixes her up properly though... sure would be interesting to hear her played.

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