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Thread: Best mic rig to record to android phone video?

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    Question Best mic rig to record to android phone video?


    I want to record a video on my android smartphone of myself singing a high, lonesome bluegrass tune in a graveyard and playing a couple of breaks. I want to shoot it outdoors. I have my phone, and a tripod I usually mount it on.

    But I'm thinking that in the outdoor setting and from a shooting distance away, the little built-in mic on my phone isn't going to capture my playing or my voice well at all. I don't want and can't really afford a $100+ pro a/v solution.

    But I see that there are various mics available now that work with android phones for video-making -- ranging from wireless omnidirectional bluetooth ones (the most expensive) to wired directional ones that mount atop the phone on the tripod).

    A single mic isn't likely to capture both instrument and voice, but the instrument is the more important for this purpose. So should I be looking at a lavalier-type mic that I perhaps could clip to my instrument strap? But since the better sound comes from the front of the mando, maybe the directional type would be better and just hope it still captures at least some of my voice too? Or maybe put the lavalier on a boom out in front of me (sort of spoils the naturalistic outdoor effect though).

    Has anyone here ever tried anything like this on the cheap? Lessons learned? Tips and recommendations? Learning and perfecting the tune to perform it is challenging enough -- so I don't want a ton of tech issues on top of that.

    Suggestions welcome!

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    Default Re: Best mic rig to record to android phone video?

    I`ve done audio recordings at jam sessions and was very pleased with the results. It was simple, portable, flexible.
    First lesson is that not all recording apps are the same. The codec makes all the difference in sound quality. If you`re not happy, try another app. Experiment. This was the greatest improvement I found.
    Second, I decided to go with a Lavalier mic to keep it as simple as possible. Mine came with a long cord (12`) so I can optimize mic location amongst musicians and vocals and not have to move around to operate the recording. No boom, but I have been known to clip it on an empty bottle.
    Note: Cell phones have TRRS connectors (not TRS like stereo headphones or TS like an unbalanced mic cable). You will need to match this plug. Either directly or by using a splitter or converter.
    I hope this is helpful. Have fun!
    Edit: I`m not a fan of Bluetooth, but I won`t get into that here. But sometimes it's the best option.
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    Default Re: Best mic rig to record to android phone video?

    This looks promising -- with the 2 mikes and the Y splitter, it looks like I could mic my voice and put one on the same stand as the phone camera to capture the instrument at the same time:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Best mic rig to record to android phone video?

    I've been using the irig pre to run from my phone to my usual mics. It can even do your mics that require phantom power. Its a cheap solution if you already have some good mics.
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