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    Default Music transcription website

    Can anyone recommend a good website to transcribe music from a sound file or YouTube video? I can play by ear most times, but some more complicated fiddle tunes baffle me! Thanks!

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    There's one I'm familiar with, used to be operated by Nick DiSebastian and now run by Hayes Griffin. I've never had them transcribe anything for me, but I have had other dealings with Nick in the past. The site is

    When it comes to fiddle tunes, there are many resources for finding music without hiring a transcriber. I prefer to find music already published, or like you, I'll transcribe it myself. You can use a slow-down program to help with complicated tunes. I prefer the program, Transcribe! for this purpose.
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    Rather than paying for a transcription I generally look for arrangements out on the web or in the numerous books I now have. The fiddlers fakebook is a great resource though I am fully aware that some of the arrangements are vastly different. Despite that many times I at least can “get going” on the tune since I’m pretty good by ear as well and end up with “my” version of the tune and perhaps a variation or two over time.

    Like Mark, I too have spent many hours with the slow downer listening to portions of tunes and just slowly working it out by ear, frustrating at times but worth it in the long run.

    I think there are some programs out there that will transcribe a sound file but I’d guess they are pretty expensive...maybe Finale or Sibelius or something like that.

    Have fun!
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    Default Re: Music transcription website

    I use a program called Intonia, which sounds similar to Transcribe! It gives a real-time display of the pitches in a live mic sample or a recording file. I originally got it to help improve my fiddle intonation, but discovered itís really handy for transcribing. Just a few weeks ago, the developer came out with an iPhone app, which is terrific. The software is also available for most other platforms.

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    I use 'Riffstation' freeware :- If the music is on your PC / Laptop select 'File' at the top left,'open' the track that you want the chords for,it'll load it onto Riffstation & it'll sort out the key signature & the chords for you :-

    It works fine for mandolins / banjos & fiddles as well as guitars,
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