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Thread: SE Voodoo VR2 Active Ribbon Mic

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    Default SE Voodoo VR2 Active Ribbon Mic

    Here's a sample of my Heiden A5 recorded using the SE VR2 Active Ribbon mic. It's my new favorite mic for recording mandolin. Recording chain SE VR2>Apogee One>iPad running Auria recording at 24/44.1. No EQ or other processing.

    Mic was about 16-18" from the mando, pointed at my picking hand. According to the Maestro software controlling the Apogee One, the gain was 38db.

    The SE is a small microphone nowhere near the size of the RCA ribbon mics. I don't care for the shock mount it comes with. I got this one used off of Reverb. So far it wins against any condenser mic I've had. It has plenty of high end but still smooth. It seems to handle transients nicely. See what you think.

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    Default Re: SE Voodoo VR2 Active Ribbon Mic

    I have the VR1 and use it quite a bit. Very good sound for a relatively inexpensive ribbon mic. However, you really should hear the Royer SF12. FAR and away my favorite mandolin mic.
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    Nice Don! I've had my eye on those for a while, they are good mics. Good find.
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