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Thread: Guitar/Mandolin Gig Bag

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    Default Guitar/Mandolin Gig Bag

    I've seen lots of fiddle/mandolin cases, but nothing for Guitar and Mandolin. I spend a lot of time roaming around festivals with multiple instruments slung over my shoulder so something like this would be great. Sometimes being a multi instrumentalist is difficult.

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    Default Re: Guitar/Mandolin Gig Bag

    Just my guess, but:
    mandolin + fiddle = less weight than one guitar;
    mandolin + mandolin = less weight than one guitar;
    mandolin + guitar = more weight than one guitar.
    - Ed

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    Default Re: Guitar/Mandolin Gig Bag

    Since I ride a scooter most if the time, I use a bag like this I just put some extra padding around my mandolin, and my octave also fits
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    Default Re: Guitar/Mandolin Gig Bag

    Could one stitch two bags together? Seems like something a sail repair shop, or shoe service, might be able to do.
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    Edit ; Nevermind, I misread the original post.

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