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    In an attempt to improve my tremolo, I dowloaded the sheet music collection 65 Easy Tunes by Alison Stephens and I try to play these simple tunes with a controlled tremolo.
    There's one song called Don't go Gregory, which is in a minor. When I play an instrumental arrangement of a song, I like to know how it sounds like in the sung version.
    So I put Don't go Gregory into the Youtube search engine, expecting a wealth of results.
    But the only three showin up, that had a connection to the song I searched, where:

    1. Michael Reichenbach playing variations on this song from Alison Stephens' "Excursions"

    2.Hany Hayek playing the fourth variation of this arrangement:

    3. A young guitar player playing a classical guitar version of this song

    The other results are either Gregory Porter or Gregory Isaacs.
    I also tried the English-Ukrainian Google Dictionary, that showed:не йди Грегорі
    I put that into the Youtube search engine, but got no results related to the song I search.
    So my question is: does anybody know the ukrainian title of this song?
    I'm a bit at a loss, I would really like to hear this song, but I just don't know how to find it...

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    Default Re: Don't go Gregory

    I do not know if this can help, but our Martin Jonas played a version that, according to my ears, is the same melody that Michael Reichenbach plays (Martin Jonas as usual, makes a good introduction about the origin of the song):

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    Default Re: Don't go Gregory

    This sounds like it to me.

    I found a similar title, "Don't go to the Dance, Gregor" by Oksana Sowiak. I hope this helps!
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    Thanks Jairo! I searched Youtube for "Gregor" and found this German version:

    Gehe nicht-oh Gregor or in Ukrainian Oj ne chody Hrycju

    I searched Youtube for this and found lots of versions of the song, but most were sung in German.

    This comes closest to what I was looking for, an a capella choral arrangement sung in Ukrainian:

    Thanks Toyon Pete! Yes, this is the song I am looking for.

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    Now that I know the name of this beautiful song, I could make a little video.
    Those fairly simple tunes are great to work on a structured tremolo.
    Thanks Jairo, Pete and Martin and a Happy New Year to all mandolin enthusiasts!

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