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Thread: Choro Camp New England, June 25-29, 2019

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    Default Choro Camp New England, June 25-29, 2019

    Hello, this is Tim Connell -

    I'm very happy to let you know about a brand new opportunity to study choro with the masters here in North America.

    Choro Camp New England (June 25-29, 2019) is the brainchild of Andrew Lawrence, who has run the very successful Django in June camp for over 20 years. Andrew has long loved choro as well and is finally realizing his dream of offering a choro camp akin to his gypsy jazz camp.

    While the Camp staff is mostly from Brazil, I am pleased to announce that I will be there assisting my esteemed colleague Elisa Meyer-Ferreira with mandolin/bandolim instruction. With two instructors, we will be able to welcome beginner and advanced levels of players.

    The Camp will take place on the beautiful Smith College Campus in the picturesque town of Northampton, Massachusetts.

    I hope you'll be able to join us. Feel free to email me ( if you have any questions.
    Tim Connell
    Portland, Oregon

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    Default Re: Choro Camp New England, June 25-29, 2019

    Wow!! Major announcement for you and Andrew. I have always enjoyed Django in June, and Tim is a great instructor. I am sure Choro Camp New England (CCNE?!) will be great. And it gives 2 June options to jam in Northampton.

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    Default Re: Choro Camp New England, June 25-29, 2019

    Thanks, Tim. Any more info on staff, costs, etc? Is there a web site for this? It is about time we had some choro camps in the east. I help organize two small NYC workshops with Dudu Maia years ago but there have been few choro programs that I knew about since. I am always jealous when I read about the Centrum programs but cannot really afford to attend them.

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    Default Re: Choro Camp New England, June 25-29, 2019

    Hi Jim...Andrew here.
    I hope to have the website up in a couple of weeks, but have to get the Django in June website updated first. Busy time of year for me! The site will be at

    The structure and cost of the camp will be comparable to Django in June, though maybe a day longer and so a wee bit more expensive...somewhere around $600 tuition for the week, with an option to get housing ($40 per night) and meals ($50 per day.)

    Staff this first year will include members of Choro Livre (who are also teachers at the Escola Brasileira de Choro Raphael Rabello in Brasilia) the members of Choro das Três (including the aforementioned Elisa Meyer-Ferreira on bandolim, working with Tim), Vitor Gonçalves on accordion...and maybe more, depending on registration.

    We'll all find out together how much interest there is in a choro camp of this kind! Personally (having attended a choro camp of sorts in Rio last summer) I'd love to have access to such expertise closer to home, and more folks nearby who've made a serious study of the genre.

    Hope you can join us!
    Choro Camp New England
    Django in June

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    Default Re: Choro Camp New England, June 25-29, 2019

    Hey...someone just steered me toward this post of yours, Tim. Thanks for the mention! I hope to have the website up and running in a couple weeks: Vamos lá!

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