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    I've been strumming around on G,C,D and am trying to learn copperhead road. All the you tube videos move too fast. Cant read music well enough to use it. Any video or reading suggestions?

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    On youtube, click on the Settings (cog wheel), Speed, and select from the list. You can slow it down to 3/4, 1/2 or 1/4 speed.
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    Have you tried this one?

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    Good info. Ill try it when I get home.

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    Yes, this is the best one I have found. I wish you could see the right hand as well.

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    My smart tv does not have speed option on cog wheel or 3 dots. My cell phone does. Any suggestions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bassmedic View Post
    My smart tv does not have speed option on cog wheel or 3 dots. My cell phone does. Any suggestions
    See if you can use “screen mirroring” function which links your phone to your tv. But you still have the controls on your phone. So speed etc is still available

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    Then there's always listening carefully and trying to play along. On every media from records onward, it's easy to back-track to hear something over again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie Bernstein View Post
    Then there's always listening carefully and trying to play along...
    Here's an "ease-into-it" type of hint that I discovered just lately (after almost 6 decades of playing!): Start off by NOT trying to strum the actual rhythm, but just strumming on the beats: 1, 2, 3, 4... which should give you enough "breathing" room to get going at tempo. Once you're comfortable with the chord changes at speed, subdividing the basic 4-count to match the song's rhythm, should be a feasible next step. Maybe start with just the notes falling on the "ands" -most likely 8th notes- before adding in any 16ths.

    I suggest this because, for our St. Patrick's Day concert, my mandolin orchestra took on an "orchestral" version of Carolan's "Shebeeg & Shemore" (more properly "Si Bheag, Si Mhor", I think). MY problem was that I know the original well, while the orchestral version had timing modifications and extended phrases that I just couldn't get to replace the tune in my head. The solution was to get comfortable playing only the notes on the quarter beats, then adding the irregular 8th-beat notes, and only later adding the most irregularly-intervening notes. I'm suggesting that you do the same with the chord strumming.
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    I believe the audio on YouTube only slows down to half speed.
    If you have complicated parts that need to be slower, one workaround is to use the screen recorder on the phone while YouTube is at half speed, record it and repost your recording to YouTube, then slow it down another half.
    -Though there must be an app that does this.

    And Edís right about isolating the right hand to get the left hand chords, a later step could be to just use the D chord throughout and concentrate on the right hand rhythm.
    Or try singing the chord changes while you have a gently resting one finger bar on the seventh fret.

    Itís about trying to separate the two hands, check MandolinCafe exercises for this.

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