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Thread: Coupla Bigsby videos

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    Default Coupla Bigsby videos

    First one is a cool story about Bigsby guitar #3. But when they roll credits at the end there's a duet. The mando could be one of the 2 extant Bigsby mandos or it could be a TK Smith with a Bigsby label in headstock

    This one is about Bigsby mando #2 of 2.


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    Default Re: Coupla Bigsby videos

    I never realized that the Bigsby vibrato was made by the same guy... My dad had a Cherry Red '50's Gibson hollow body with a Bigsby vibrato on it (that still said "Bigsby" on it) that my grandfather bought for him new when he was a teenager ... Its probably in my brother's possession now, so its likely I'll never see it again. That was a sweeeeet guitar.
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    Default Re: Coupla Bigsby videos

    Anyone know the name of the tune played at the end?

    I can't place it.

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