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Thread: No mando content; piano keyboard

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    Default No mando content; piano keyboard

    If this is too far off-topic, send me to the discard bin

    My 7yr old grandson has a "tablet" with a keyboard app, and he does a nice job of using it to play tunes. I'd like to get him a basic low end elec keyboard (like a Casio) with a minimum of distractions such as rhythm tracks and pre-programmed tunes.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance

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    If your hometown has a music store or two, go in and take a look, ask questions, make a purchase or order. That is what I would do and have done. I support the music store two blocks from my house. I have bought a mandola through them, bought a guitar and piano there, order my strings, bought music, play at their "open mic" nights, and formed a trio with the piano-playing owner. Oh yeah, and took voice lessons there.

    Support your local music store. They will probably give better advice on keyboards than a normal poster on Mandolin Cafe.
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